Test For The Day Of Atonement And Israel's Forgiveness Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. The _______________ of ____________________ , which took place in the fall of the year, was the most _______________ and _______________ of all the Israelite festivals.

2. In it we most clearly see the _______________ or _______________ of Christ's work for Israel.

3. The high priest had to go through ____________________ ____________________ to be worthy to act as the officiator for the rest of the house of Israel.

4. The high priest put off the official robes he normally wore and clothed himself in _______________ , _______________ linen garments.

5. Two goats were chosen by lot. One was designated as the goat of the Lord, and was offered as a _______________ ____________________ . The other goat was designated as the ____________________ , or in Hebrew, the goat of _______________ .

6. Paul drew heavily on the typology of the Day of Atonement in his epistle to the ____________________ .

7. Paul states that Christ is the _______________ _______________ _______________ .

8. The true tabernacle of the Lord is in _______________ .

9. Christ is also the _______________ of ____________________ .

10. Christ offered his own _______________ as payment for the _______________ of those who would believe in Him and obey his ____________________ .