Test For Christianity: An Evaluation Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. Christian ____________________ is a primary source of how we govern our lives and what we view as being ____________________ or ____________________.

2. An examination of certain books in the Bible provides a better understanding of the ____________________, ____________________, ____________________, ____________________ and ____________________ of Christianity.

3. Matthew gives his account of Jesus' ____________________ by John, the various ____________________, His ____________________, the ____________________ He performed, the ____________________ by Judas, the ____________________, ____________________ and ____________________.

4. The gospel of Mark has a character of ____________________, which is quick in ____________________ and ____________________. The gospel of Mark has been called a moving ____________________ of the ____________________ of Jesus Christ.

5. The overwhelming theme of the Gospel of Luke is that Jesus Christ is the ____________________ ____________________. This book shows Jesus came to save all ____________________, ____________________, the ____________________ as well as the ____________________. The Gospel of Luke proclaims that good news that Jesus revealed Himself as the Almighty ____________________ who is the only begotten ____________________ of the Father.

6. The Gospel of John gives an account of Jesus as the Divine Savior who has come for ____________________ and ____________________, through ____________________ to ____________________ offering eternal ____________________.

7. Acts takes us through the ministries of ____________________, ____________________, and ____________________. Acts gives examples of the ____________________ performed through these ministries and the profound ____________________ as a result.

8. Through the examining of the book of Acts you see the development of ____________________ and the ____________________ as we know it.

9. The book of ____________________ is a letter regarding Christian ____________________ and ____________________, giving guide to the calling of ____________________ and others in regards to the church.

10. Paul reminds us that we are all held ____________________ and will have to attest to our ____________________. We should be guided by love, love of ____________________, love of ____________________, and love of our ____________________. 11. Paul reminds us that we are all one ____________________ of Christ with many members each fulfilling a ____________________ to the overall ____________________ of Christ Jesus who is the exemplar of our ____________________.

12. The concept of rebirth is being born again through the accepting of Jesus Christ as ____________________ and ____________________.

13. Through love or charity our ____________________ is great in ____________________. We are reminded that we are ____________________ ____________________ in Christ and that we should ____________________ each other as we do Christ Jesus.

14. John writes in the book of Revelation the ____________________ and ____________________ of mankind. John writes the ____________________ revealed to him regarding how mankind through our sinful nature will be destroyed unless we ____________________ and accept Jesus as our ____________________.

15. John describes the years of ____________________ and how Satan and the antichrist will come to ____________________ and ____________________. Revelation is rich with ____________________.

16. Solomon believes that we should be ____________________ in the Lord and not celebrate our own works. Solomon also explains how there are certain ____________________ or ____________________ for everything. Solomon preaches that the race of life is not given to the ____________________, ____________________, ____________________, ____________________, nor ____________________.

17. The book of Ecclesiates illustrates that we should ____________________ God and give Him all of the ____________________ in our lives.

18. The book of Proverbs is a guide as to how we should ____________________ as Christians and ____________________ one another. We turn to the book of Proverbs as a guide to appropriate ____________________ of a Christian.

19. As Christians we try to be Christ like, therefore follow and live by the ____________________ ____________________.

20. The book of Isaiah foretells the coming of ____________________ ____________________ most clearly of any of the other books in the Old Testament. The book of Isaiah gives special emphasis on the ____________________ of God and His redemptive ____________________.

21. Christ's earthly mission is to come as a ____________________ of God, to be ____________________ and ____________________ by His own people, and to present His sacred body as a living ____________________ for our sins.

22. Our Christian faith leads us in our daily ____________________ and ____________________ that we make.