Test For The Church and Its Membership Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. The meaning of the word "Church" as used in the New Testament is a ____________ __________ or __________________ group of people. There are two distinct applications. The first is a ____________________ of people, not necessarily Christians who have assembled together. The second denotes a calling out from the Old Creature into the new, being gathered together by the _______________ into one body where _______________ is the ____________.

2. There are organized churches worldwide but these should not be confused with the ____________ church of which ____________ is the Head.

3. Emphasis must be placed on the true church and the membership, which is formed by the __________________ of the ____________ _______________.

4. The Word Church is not found in the Old Testament because the church did not ____________.

5. The True Church could not exist until Christ's ____________________ and ____________________ because Christ first had to become the _______________ over all things to the Church.

6. The final step for the creation of the church was the advent of the _______________ on the Day of ____________________, baptizing all members into one body.

7. The Bible has three divisions of the human family, The ____________________, The ____________________ and the ____________________ of _______________.

8. The eternal promises of Jehovah to the Jews include a __________________ __________________, a _______________, a _______________, a _______________, and a __________________.

9. The ____________________ are a vast unnumbered people, excluding the Israelites, who have lived on the earth from Adam to Christ until the present.

10. Being a member of the __________________ of _______________ distinguishes you from all the people of the earth.

11. It is ____________________ for a person to be saved and not be a member of the Church, which is Christ's own _______________.

12. __________________ is the uniting of the saved ones to Christ by the baptism of the _______________ ____________________.

13. The Church is recognized as the "_______________ of the _______________", co-reigning with the King and a partaker in the glory of the eternal Son of God.

14. Salvation is only through _______________ and men are saved when they receive _______________ as their __________________, This alone enrolls them as a member in the __________________.