Test For Guidelines for Decisions Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. Our good decisions equate to ____________________ results but a bad decision, often made without thinking and in haste, can have a ____________________ effect for the rest of our lives, for ourselves as well as for those around us.

2. A quick acronym to help you through a decision is _____-_____-_____-_____-_____-_____. The words used to form the acronym are _______________, _______________, _______________, _______________, _______________, and ____________________.

3. Proverbs 2:6 says "For the LORD giveth _______________: out of his mouth cometh __________________ and _____________________."

4. When we apply wisdom to our decisions, we must ask ourselves if the decisions we make will be in _______________ with the wisdom of the Bible and consistent with Bible based _____________________.

5. Through __________________ you will be able to accept the wisdom and guidance you will receive.

6. Be _______________ with yourself in asking if your decision is from God or from the world.

7. As you ask yourself if this decision will comply with Biblical principles, you must also ask yourself whether or not you can follow your decision with a _______________ ____________________.

8. A good rule to apply is: when in _______________, don't do it.

9. A deep _______________ for the Word of God as well as for yourself and those your decision will affect is also ____________________ in making good decisions.

10. You are ____________________, ___________________, and ____________________ responsible for the decisions you make.

11. As you ask yourself if this decision is what is best for my ______________, is it what God _______________, you progress to: can I live with my ____________________ over this decision and finally, can I live with the _____________________ of this decision?