Test For Depression And Christian Counseling Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. Depression presents several unique problems from both a __________________ and a __________________ point of view.

2. There is ample evidence in the biological literature that many cases of depression are linked to depressed levels of ____________________.

3. An herbal remedy long known to relieve depressed states, _______ _______________ _______________, is now known to have an MAO inhibitor.

4. If someone suffers from depression and has no reasons for not seeking medical treatment, there is a good chance that medical treatment may be __________________ in relieving the major symptoms.

5. Even if medical treatment is effective there may be many other _______________ _____________________ that need counseling support to enable the counselee to return to normal psycho-social and spiritual effectiveness.

6. Many studies focusing on causes of depression have indicated that along with the biological causes indicated, a number of ____________________ - ____________________ factors have been positively correlated with the appearance of depression. Such factors include ____________________, ____________________, ____________________, and ____________________ influences.

7. For example, it has been suggested that ____________________ experiences may lead to depression in later life.

8. Lack of appropriate ____________________ influences in early childhood has been correlated with depressed states later in life.

9. Stress due to a ____________________ has also been positively correlated with depression.

10. Depressed people not only have a ____________________ view of themselves, but also of the world in general.

11. ____________________ and guilt over ____________________ is a powerful force for depression. Guilt arising from sin leads to feelings of ____________________ - ____________________, ____________________, ____________________ and other signs of depression.

12. Depression, having an underlying biological cause, is often manifested by a plethora of ____________________ and ____________________ factors which need to be discovered in order to inform the counselor of the root of the depression and appropriate ____________________ for handling it.

13. A number of common indicators that point to depression are: ____________________ and ____________________, physical ____________________, low ____________________ ____________________, and fantasizing about ____________________ .

14. Counseling someone who is depressed requires some different ____________________ than are used in other counseling situations.

15. The counselee is often ____________________ and ____________________.

16. Listen attentively and be particularly careful to look for signs of ____________________,____________________ ____________________, loss of ____________________, guilt, etc.

17. Look for the underlying psychological and spiritual causes such as ____________________, ____________________, learned ____________________, negative ____________________, ____________________, and ____________________.

18. Of particular importance is the need to constantly reinforce the fact of God's ____________________ in our ____________________ and that we need not always be in ____________________ control.

19. In some cases, changes in the ____________________ can be extremely beneficial in overcoming depressed states.

20. Holy ____________________ can be a great comfort to the depressed. The ____________________ are of particular usefulness.

21. ____________________ in God is a powerful force for allowing the counselee to gain a more balanced view of their situation and their proper relation to it.

22. Look for ways to ____________________ depression. Be alert to depression prone ____________________. Help the counselee to handle ____________________ and ____________________. Challenge negative ____________________. Help the counselee find ____________________, familial or otherwise. Encourage the counselee to take positive ____________________. Encourage physical ____________________.

23. The Christian counselor is particularly faced with the effort to place the counseling process upon sound ____________________ ____________________ while avoiding the possibility of ____________________ the spiritual approach .