Epsilon Kappa Lambda
Color Lapel Pin Information


Epsilon Kappa Lambda is pleased to announce that we now have available full color lapel pins for members of our Academic Honors Society. This pin represents that you've been awarded the Medal of Saint Luke the Physician, and may be ordered by any member of our society. Pins are full color, 1 inch in "height", and coated with a clear protective epoxy finish to protect from scratches. The pin builds upon the Saint Luke Medal with the addition of the Greek letters Epsilon Kappa Lambda superimposed on the ribbon, arranged in triangular format to remind the viewer of the Holy Trinity. 

(Please Note: The gray background in the picture above isn't part of the pin. The actual shape of the pin is indicated by the gold colored border.)

These pins are available exclusively to members of Epsilon Kappa Lambda, and are produced in very limited quantities. Shipped securely in plastic display box as you see on the left. Available for a contribution of only $15.00. To order your lapel pin safely and securely online, simply click on the button below






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