Test For Evangelism and the Special Needs Ministry Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. Ministry begins with the sharing of the __________________ with those who do not know the saving grace of the Lord ___________________ ____________________.

2. There are countless ways to carry out the ___________________ ____________________ in our lives.

3. There is a great need in the following areas: ___________________, ____________________, ____________________ homes, ____________________, _______________ ministry and ministry to the physically and mentally ____________________.

4. One of the most ____________________ and ____________________ ministries in the world can be the prison and jail ministry.

5. Communicating the _______________ of God and the _______________ of Christ is the ___________________ ____________________ of one who is ministering to prisoners.

6. For the most part, the prison minister is in the ministry of ____________________. Salvation comes through the ____________________ of Christ as our propitiation before God and ____________________ our sinful nature and need for a messiah to God.

7. The apostle James tells us to "____________________ your sins to one another, and _______________ for one another, that you may be ____________________. The prayer of a ____________________ man has great _______________ in its effects." James 5:16.

8. Religion that is _______________ and ____________________ before God and the Father is this: to visit ____________________ and ____________________ in their _____________________, and to keep oneself ____________________ from the world. James 1:27

9. The nursing home ministry is one of ____________________ and _______________.

10. The scriptures make several references to ministering to the _______________.

11. In a street ministry there are several ____________________ that must first be carefully ____________________. It is important not to go _______________.

12. It is not your intention, nor your goal to turn people off to the ____________________. It is your wish to present the lost with the ___________________ ____________________ of the Father.

13. Most people you encounter that are ready to hear the word will need ____________________ to help them in their choice.

14. Many people do not even own a Bible and those you lead to Christ will need the _______________ to feed them.

15. Give everyone you lead to Christ the name, address and phone number of a ___________________ ____________________ where they can receive further help.

16. There are varying degrees of ____________________ and ___________________ ____________________ that people face. And varying degrees to which those can ____________________ and ____________________ the Word of God. Regardless of the physical or mental challenge that these people face, they are still in need of ____________________ in much the same way as everyone else.

17. The great commission applies to all _______________, ____________________ and ____________________ living. Ministry opportunities are ____________________ and ____________________ everywhere. ____________________ and ____________________ will reveal what type of ministry is best suited for you.

18. ____________________ _______________ ministry allows for many ministers to offer themselves as ____________________ of God's people.