Test For How to Fan the Flame of Faith Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. The first step to fanning the flame of faith is to __________.

2. If we want our union with the blessed Trinity to flourish we must communicate __________ and _______________.

3. Failing to __________ ____________ is one of the main reasons that people leave the faith.

4. The scriptures give us a detailed _______________ of how to maintain our walk with Christ.

5. The third key principle is to __________ ____________ from fellow believers.

6. The important thing is that Christ and Him crucified be the __________ of the worship and that you worship him in __________ and in __________.

7. Being part of a group of Christian men or women who are willing to share their ____________________ with one another aids us in receiving _______________ ____________ for our sin-stained nature.

8. Simply gathering together, in his name, at a set __________, once a week with your family to __________, read sacred _______________, and to discuss daily __________ will immensely strengthen your walk with Christ, and maintain the fire of your life.

9. Set concrete times for all your quiet __________, daily ________________ and __________ times.