Test For GRACE: God's Redemption At Christ's Expense Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. Our English word grace comes from the Latin word ____________________, which means ____________________, ____________________, or ____________________.

2. When God gives us grace, He is giving us His ____________________, blessing us with His ____________________.

3. Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words tells us the word grace comes from the Greek work ____________________. This is defined by the New Strong's Dictionary of Hebrew and Greek Words as the "devine ____________________ upon the heart, and its reflection in the life -- ____________________, ____________________, ____________________, ____________________, ____________________, ____________________, ____________________, ____________________."

4. In our case with God, He gifted us with favor (grace) and with the ____________________, ____________________, and ____________________ of Jesus Christ.

5. The base meaning of the words el or theos is one who has ____________________, ____________________, ____________________, ____________________, is ____________________.

6. God is the ____________________, ____________________-____________________ one in whom all powers exist and the ____________________ of all things that exist.

7. The one in whom all power exists wants to extend to us "the friendly disposition from which the kindly act proceeds, ____________________, ____________________-____________________, and ____________________." You could have no better ____________________, no better ____________________, no better ____________________, and no better ____________________.

8. Vine defines the Hebrew word for sin (awen) as "____________________ [not being equal], ____________________, ____________________, the ____________________ of all that has true ____________________; hence it would denote 'morale ____________________,' as in the actions of ____________________, ____________________ devising, or ____________________ speaking." Vine shows the Greek word for sin (hamaria) as "a ____________________ of the ____________________."

9. It was not God's plan that Man should be ____________________ from God.

10. God interceded on behalf of Adam and Eve. God showed them how to make ____________________ for themselves out of animal hides. God shed ____________________ to cover them, another pattern set.

11. The blood sacrifices made by Man were a type of ____________________ sacrifice. The only way to permanently cover the sin of Man was through a more ____________________ sacrifice, once for all.

12. Jesus Christ became the ____________________ of ____________________ for Man.

13. Redemption comes from the Latin word redemptio, meaning a ____________________ ____________________.

14. Jesus Christ took our place in ____________________. He paid the ____________________, the ____________________, of our judgment.

15. Paul, in his letter to the ____________________, tells us that all have ____________________ and have ____________________ short of the glory of God.

16. The word christ means one who is ____________________ .

17. The person we have come to know as Jesus was to be the embodiment of the ____________________ of ____________________.

18. In Deuteronomy 18, the Lord God said He would raise up a ____________________ from the midst of the people and He would be ____________________ God and ____________________ for God. He would rule as ____________________. He would be a ____________________ of King David and a priest-king like ____________________. He would be a ____________________ to kings and the world. He would be a ____________________. He would be a greatly exalted ____________________. He would be ____________________ with us. He would be the manifested ____________________ of God as a Man. He was from God and the ____________________ of God. He came to take away the ____________________ of the world.

19. Jesus was and is the ____________________, Self-Existent ____________________, in Whom all powers exist (YHWH Elohim). He gave all of that up to be our ____________________, our ____________________, our judgment ____________________.

20. God's love for us was (is) so great that He, Himself, paid the cost of ____________________ breaking and thereby created a new ____________________.

21. The Eternal, Self-Existent One, in Whom all powers exists (YHWH Elohim) took our ____________________, was ____________________, ____________________, ____________________, ____________________ with a Roman scourge, had his beard ____________________, forced to wear a crown of ____________________, ____________________ falsely of blasphemy and sedition, ____________________ to carry a cross timber down a street of deriders, ____________________ to a cross, left to ____________________ on the cross, ____________________ by onlookers, received the ____________________ of our sins in His body, but He was ____________________ from God the Father and received death, unjustifiably. He ____________________ that we might have life, riches, blessing, and right standing with God the Father and all that is holy if we only ____________________ He paid it all on the cross at Golgotha.

22. Man has been bought with an exceedingly high ____________________.

23. Grace is a free-will gift of love from an Everlasting, Eternal, Self-Existent God who loves Man so greatly as to punish ____________________ rather than His children. All that He requires is that we ____________________ Him, ____________________ Him, and ____________________ Him.

24. Man cannot come near unto God without first accepting the price paid by ____________________ ____________________.

Lord Jesus, be Lord of my life.