Test For The Greatest Commandment: Christ's Blueprint For His Church Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. The major cause of friction between Christian “denominations” is the failure to understand, receive, and live out God’s unconditional _____________________, __________________, an _________________________.

2. Genuine love for God involves seeing people as God sees them, and viewing all ________________________ without exceptions, as objects of his ________________________________ love.

3. We are ___________________________ by the very words of our Lord and Savior to Love unconditionally.

4. All too often denominations stress their strongly held doctrines to the point of becoming ______________________, ___________________________, and ____________________________.

5. If, as Jesus suggests, the greatest commandment epitomizes the message of the Old Testament and is normative for __________________________ experience, we ought to ________________________ it, not out of our sense of duty but out of our desire to please God and experience the _________________________________ of the Body.

6. The sign that you follow Jesus is that you _____________________ others as He commanded.

7. Love is an ____________________________, not merely an attitude or aspiration.

8. God requires a religion of the _______________________ as well as of the head.

9. We are Christians by choice, His children by ______________________________.