Test For Healing Is For Me Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. Just because a person does not _____________________________ their healing, doesn’t mean that God has not healed them.

2. The word “Salvation” comes from the Greek word “_____________________,” which means “______________________ and __________________________, both in the spiritual and physical.”

3. Jesus not only purchased the _________________________ of our soul, but His sufferings also secured our _________________________ healing.

4. . Healing is a part of Christ’s __________________________.

5. Even if one does not accept one’s healing it does not change the ________________________ ___________________ that one is indeed healed.

6. The Word is to be used for the establishment for our _____________________ system. Everything we believe should be Word _______________________ and ___________________________.

7. It is our __________________________ to be healed.

8. Your not ______________________________ your healing does not make the fact that God has provided you with it any less _____________________.

9. God says in Jeremiah 30:17; “For I will restore ________________________ unto thee, and I will ___________________ thee of thy wounds...”

10. We must continue to fight the good fight of _______________________ and lay hold on eternal life by working for the up building of God’s ____________________________.