Test For Evidence Of Our Instant Presence With The Lord Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. The account of the repentant thief shows us that there is only one way to _________________________. That way is through Jesus Christ and His finished work on ____________________.

2. Luke 23:40-42 shows that Jesus himself receives us because of __________________ in Him and a ______________________________ heart.

3. The real issue is whether we recognize Jesus as our ___________________ and ____________________ and soon coming ______________________.

4. We can say with absolute boldness that to be ____________________ from the body is to be _____________________ with the Lord.

5. We have the ________________________ to tell us that the place we are going is "far __________________________" than our present world.

6. Elijah was taken up into heaven in a ______________________.

7. When we are taken out of this world, whether in death or in the Rapture, we, who belong to Jesus, will ________________________ be in the _____________________ of the Lord.

8. Everyone who dies will find themselves in their ________________________ __________________.

9. There is no ________________________ _________________ once our life ends. We will immediately be in the place we have _____________________ for ourselves. If we have made ____________________ _________________Lord of our lives, we will be in His presence. If we have chosen our own way, we will find ourselves in eternal _____________________.

10. Stephen was the first Christian _________________________.

11. Death is ___________________. Once you have crossed over that line into eternity, your _______________________ have placed you in ________________________ or ___________________.

12. We are free from the _________________ of death and open to the ______________________ promised by Abraham when, by __________________, we receive that promise.