Test For Intercession Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. The Hebrew word for intercession is ______________________, meaning to ______________________, ______________________. In Greek it is _________________________, meaning to _____________________________ or to _____________________________.

2. The story of Queen Esther is an example of how intercession is portrayed as being a __________________________ of one’s _______________________ in the behalf of another.

3. We can make our petitions known to God at _________________________ and ____________________________.

4. We do not have to go to anyone special except ________________________, our Great ___________________ _______________________, to tell our Father our needs.

5. When we cry out to the Father, He sees the _____________________ of His Son and __________________________ our sins.

6. For God’s eyes and ears to be in our _______________________, we must first look in His _______________________.

7. As we ____________________ ourselves, God begins to _______________ us. As we __________________ and seek His Face God begins to ______________ us. As we turn from our ________________________ and our ____________________________ to do evil, God begins to _________________ us.

8. Webster’s Dictionary describes intercession as: “________________________ in behalf of another” and intercede as: “to _____________________ for the purpose of producing agreement.”