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Church Newsletter For January 15, 1999

Greetings from one who loves you!

I pray that this newsletter finds you and your loved ones safe and happy. I pray daily that this year will be the most spiritually rewarding and joyous year you have ever experienced, and that God's greatest blessings and most powerful gifts will fill every moment of your lives.

Well, brothers and sisters, I have much to share with you. As you may remember from the last newsletter, 1999 has been declared The Year Of Internet Ministry, and this is the week the official campaign is launched. You can find out more, as well as how you can participate in this campaign, by visiting the 1999 - The Year Of Internet Ministry Web Page. Please consider participating and making 1999 the year the Christian community really wakes up to the ministry potential of the internet. Thanks!

The two new features announced in the last newsletter were the Free Member's Start-Up Page, a quick loading page with convenient links to the most popular and visited pages of our church web site, and our new Free E-Mail Service, where 15 of you got free e-mail accounts in the past ten days. Today I'm happy to announce that the church now has a Christian Free-For-All Links Page, where members can post a link to any sites they'd like. Two of our members, Brother Francis and Rev. Dr. Robert Crutchfield have volunteered to serve as Ministers of the Free Links Page, and will be responsible for monitoring the page and removing any inappropriate links or posts. Special thanks to them both for their willingness to serve the church in this way.

We are currently testing a new bulletin board for the church. You can help us test the new board by clicking HERE and trying the new bulletin board for yourself. If the new bbs proves faster and more popular than the old one, then we'll set it up as the main bulletin board for our church. Give me some feed back on this, as I simply want to use whichever bulletin board is more popular among the membership.

I would like to take a moment and thank everyone who has been participating in the church activities, even those who just drop by the bulletin board occassionally. By the way, if you don't visit the bbs regularly, you really do miss a lot. For instance, all of the new features over the past few weeks were announced first on the bulletin board before being announced in the newsletters. So drop on by the bbs and share some fellowship, you never know what might be going on!

Well, brothers and sisters, that's the latest news from the church. Thank you again for being part of the Body of Christ and this fellowship. My thoughts are with you always, and remember, I'm just a quick e-mail away if you need me. May God bless you wonderfully.

Yours in Christ,
Brother Dave

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