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Church Newsletter For March And Easter, 1999

Greetings from one who loves you!

Well, it has been too long between newsletters, and I thank each of you who has written and expressed support for regular issues. Again, my fault, but we'll try and get the newsletter program kick-started again with this special March & Easter edition of our newsletter.

Let me start by welcoming all the new members to our church, for we have had many join since the last newsletter. I especially want to invite all new members to visit the Church Bulletin Board and experience this unique fellowship with other members. And all church members are reminded that we miss you when you don't post on the bulletin board, so do be sure and visit.

Well, Easter is nearly upon us, the holiday when we celebrate Our Lord's glorious resurrection. What a wonderful time of year, and what a wonderful holiday! In observance of Easter, Brother Theodore, with a little help from his friend Lance, has put together a beautiful collection of graphics in an art show which I think you'll really enjoy. I believe there's even a Micklus original!

Easter is a wonderful season for evangelical work, and I encourage each of you to do your best to share Jesus with someone this season. For many folks, Easter and Christmas are the only days they go to church at all, so it's very important to invite people to Easter service at your local church. Can I ask you to try something for the next week? Could you try inviting folks you know but don't reach out to very often if they'd like to attend Easter service with you at your church? Ask your co-workers, neighbors, friends, anyone you meet. Try that for one week, and I promise you'll find some folks who are just looking for a place to worship on Easter Sunday.

Speaking of evangelical work, Augusta Street Ministries is having tremendous success reaching out to the homeless in Augusta with the Good News. So far, over 145 homeless men, women, and children have accepted Christ through the street ministry. Many have gotten regular jobs, found good housing, and become regular members of local churches. God has truly been blessing Augusta Street Ministries, and if you'd like to learn more, simply visit our web site.

I have a few very exciting announcements to make. The First International Church Of The Web School Of Biblical Studies, the educational outreach ministry of our church, has changed its name to St. Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies. Everything else has remained the same, only the name has been changed to better reflect the sort of evangelical ministries for which we prepare our graduates. I like the new name better, and I hope you will, also.

I am also very excited to announce that I have, after many hours of searching, finally found a source of FREE internet access (in the US only). I have examined and tested this service, and can verify it really is free, with no charges, fees, selling, or any of that stuff. It's completely ad driven (like hotmail) and works very well. There are local dial-up numbers for hundreds of cities in the US, also. I know many of our members have difficulty paying for their monthly internet access, so I'm excited to let you all know about this service. I encourage everyone who might could benefit from free internet access to give this service a try. In fact, I'm switching over to it entirely within the next few days. When I do, my e-mail address will change to I will send out a letter to everyone when I do the final e-mail change over.

Well, beloved, that's about going to do it for this edition of the newsletter. I pray that each and every one of you has a wonderful and joyous Easter, and that this church will continue to be a blessing to you, just as you are to me. May Our Lord's richest blessings rain upon you abundantly and fill your every need. God bless you.

Yours in Christ,
Brother Dave

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