Church Newsletter For November 15, 1997

Greetings, Brothers and Sisters!
As we approach the holiday season, I'm very pleased to announce that our church continues to grow at a rapid pace. Since our last newsletter, we've grown by 14 members, bringing our total membership up to 126 members! I'm especially pleased to announce new members in Sweden and Sri Lanka. Praise God for letting us share His fellowship around the world through His internet!

I'd like to share some changes on the website with you. As many of you have noticed, Geocities has been a bit flaky lately, as they've been upgrading their servers. This has made it difficult at times to get to our site, and sometimes the graphics haven't been loading properly. The counter has also been erratic. Hopefully, these problems will soon be over. In the meantime, I've made a few design changes to help the front page load quicker. These included removing the automatic Midi music, and rearranging some graphics. Hopefully, these changes will make the page load quicker and make our church a friendlier place to visit. Also new on the website is the Interactive Church Calendar of Events. You can now keep up with the events of our church at a glance, as well as make announcements of your own. I think you'll like this new feature.

Now I'd like to take a few minutes to recommend a few programs available for download which I think the membership will find useful. First, I'd like to recommend the best downloadable bible I've found yet. It's called SwordSearcher, and it's really a top notch program. You can download it by going here.
I'd also like to recommend a free program which allows voice communications over the internet. It's the first one I've found that actually works well, is easy to install, and is completely free. I've found this very useful, and anyone with the program installed can call me directly on it. It's called Voxphone, and you can get it here.
Of course, I understand not everybody can download from the internet, or may be using systems that are incompatible with the programs. For this reason I've added "Pagoo" to the front page of the website.Page Brother DaveBy clicking on the Pagoo graphic, anyone can send me an immediate text message that will pop-up on my computer screen within minutes. You can even send me a voice page on pagoo with your telephone by calling the toll-free number 1-888-724-6644 extension #799-8930.
Of course, I can also always be reached through the ICQ Communication Panel on the front page of the site. I've added these various communication devices to our site so that anyone needing to reach me for any reason can do so quickly and easily. I would also very much enjoy speaking with all of you with voxphone, so please consider getting it and giving me a call.

Well, that's going to do it for this issue of the newsletter. I know it's a bit different from what we usually discuss, but I wanted to let everyone know about the changes, and the exciting new communication methods available. Let me wish our members in the United States a happy Thanksgiving, and to everyone let me wish a very merry Holiday Season. Until next time, God bless you all.

Yours in Christ,
Brother Dave

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