Newsletter For September 15, 1997

Greetings Everyone!
This has been an especially blessed few weeks for our church. As many of you know, our church finally has an actual computer! Yes, some folks who wish to remain anonymous have given generously to our church and made this possible. They have my sincerest thanks. Surely the Lord will bless them generously for helping our church this way.

Of course, getting the computer was just the first step. Now your pastor has to learn how to use it! I'm working hard at this, and hopefully will soon be able to make our church an even nicer place to visit, and an even more effective ministry to those seeking to know Jesus.

One change that's already been made is a new IRC Chat Room for our church. This will serve strictly as a back up to our regular chat room, since many of our members still don't have IRC capability. You can visit the new chat room through the "Talk City" link on our front page. It won't always be open, though, so if you can't get in, that will be the reason why.
***Special Note*** The IRC chat room mentioned above didn't work very well, so I removed it, and have replaced it with a new Java Chat room. You can visit it through the link on the front page, or Click Here. (rev dave).

Please note my new e-mail address. It's I can still be reached at the old address for a while, but this is the one I'll be using the most. Also, if you have ICQ, you can reach me at my ICQ number, 3342325.

I'm also pleased to announce the opening of The First International Church Of The Web Book Store! That's right, we are now in partnership with, and you can order featured Bibles and other Christian books from through our church. This will help generate some funds to keep our ministry active, and also purchase things like software and add-ons for the computer. Right now we only have a few featured selections, but I'll be adding more soon.

Well, as you can see, the Lord is really blessing our ministry! Soon we'll be able to reach even more people with the good news. So please, continue to make use of the features of our church. We still need Prayers Warriors to help with the prayer requests on the Bulletin Board and Prayer Request Message Board. These provide excellent ministry opportunities for you to help those who are hurting and need Christian Love. And be sure to join our weekly Fellowship Chat Sessions in our chat room on Monday evenings from 8pm - 10pm Eastern. It's a great time for fellowship with the other members and visitors, and we share praise reports and prayer requests, too.

Well, that's going to do it for this edition of the newsletter. As always, you remain in my prayers at all time. May the Lord bless each and every one of you with his Love. God bless you.

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