Church Newsletter For June 1, 1998

Greetings from Brother Dave!

Well, June is here, and if you're anywhere near the southeastern United States like I am, then you're experiencing the typical summer heat that we have every year. I expect this summer to be especially hot this year, but every summer is hot in Augusta, Georgia. I hope everyone is able to stay comfortable this year.

Of course, summer here is winter somewhere else, so let's not forget our members who live in the Southern Hemisphere. I pray that winter will not be too difficult this year, and everyone in Australia, New Zealand, etc., has a safe winter.

I'm very pleased to announce the opening of a new internet ministry for children. It's called the Teddy Bear Monastery, and it's led by two Teddy Bears, Brother Theodore and Sister Tilly-Bear, with a little help from church members Lance and Diane Micklus.These two teddy bears have a real love for Jesus, and they have a special message for children and everyone else, which is that "Jesus Loves You." What a wonderful message! And these teddy bears aren't satisfied with just being on the internet, but also took part in Saturday's March For Jesus. According to Brother Lance, " Here in Burlington, Theodore and Tilly-Bear were invited to ride on top of our red pick up truck during the march. Each had a March For Jesus penant in their paw. But the good news is that they also gave away 250 tracts that just said "JESUS LOVES YOU". The tracts were attached to balloons that were given to people watching the march on the street." I think this is a wonderful ministry, and encourage everyone to visit their website and see for themselves what God is doing with these teddy bears. As Brother Lance reminded me, "The Bible says that God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. Who would have imagined that God would use two teddy bears and give them a ministry? The other day, I caught myself calling Theodore and Tilly-Bear God's teddy bears. Am I going crazy?" No, Brother, you're not crazy, you're just filled with the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Locally, things have been going very well for Augusta Street Ministries. If you're not familiar with Augusta Street Ministries, it's an outreach ministry we've started here in Augusta to the homeless in our area. We collect used bibles, blankets, and clothing, and redistribute them to the homeless, along with sack lunches and cold drinks. Each lunch has a tract, and it's always touching to see these folks reading a Christian tract while having their lunch, which may be the first meal they've had in quite a while. I tell you, some of the local churches here are really opening up to me in helping with this ministry. It seems that almost every local church has a food bank or clothing closet, but sadly, even the largest churches just don't have someone who is willing to take the stuff down to the homeless areas. Well, they don't need anyone, because now they can "send me, Lord". This past Sunday, the pastor of one of the larger Baptist churches in our area went with me to hand out the food, clothing, and bibles, and I could tell he was very touched by what he witnessed. I was blessed to have a box of socks to give away, and brothers and sisters, I tell you, you've never seen so many folks praising God just to receive a pair of socks! Oh, mercy! It would have touched your hearts to see it, and I know it touched that pastor's heart, as well. I have it on good authority that he went back to church filled with the Spirit and gave one of his most Spirit-filled sermons he'd given in a good while. Praise God!

As we enter summer, I'm reminded that last summer our church experienced a real drop in both traffic and new membership. I pray this won't happen again this summer. I call on all members of our church who have web sites to please include a link to our church web site on their own pages. Let's keep our church traffic up and new membership high, and keep our church on the front line of internet evangelism. Amen? Amen!

Also, I'd like to again encourage all members to visit our church bulletin board and participate in the discussions there. Right now that's an interesting thread going on about the Universal Life Church which I think you'll enjoy. Also, be sure and visit our church chat room for our weekly church worship services/chat sessions, Monday evenings from 8pm to 10pm Eastern. We've been having a good turnout to our new chat room, and you're all invited to come enjoy some fellowship with me and the other members.

Finally, I'd like to ask everyone to keep our ill or otherwise hurting members of our church in your prayers. Here in the United States we're especially susceptible to tornadoes and hurricanes, so please keep the victims of these natural disasters in your prayers, as well as other members around the world. We are, after all, an international fellowship. And, hey! We just gained a new member in the West Indies! Welcome!

Well, that's all for this newsletter. As always, you remain in my prayers at all times, and I pray that I remain in yours. God bless you.

Yours in Christ,
Brother Dave

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