Church Newsletter For July 1, 1998

Hi Everybody! I pray Our Lord's richest blessings fill your every need.

Let me start by apologizing for being a few days late with this issue of the newsletter. I recently had both Navigator and Explorer stop working for a while, and spent some time figuring out the problem. Anyway, all is well with the church computer now, so I'm finally getting the newsletter out.

I'm very excited about what has been happening with Augusta Street Ministries since our last newsletter. We have been helped by several local ministries, and continue to grow. Calvary Baptist Church here in Augusta has agreed to make their kitchen available to Augusta Street Ministries as we prepare sack lunches and meals for the homeless in our area. Many individuals have opened their hearts to make it possible for Augusta Street Ministries to provide food, clothing, and bibles for many of our local homeless. We now have many volunteers helping put together the items we need, and several regular volunteers who participate in the distribution of lunches and donated materials. Every week we are ministering to more homeless than the week before, and many folks here in Augusta are very excited to participate in this outreach ministry. If you haven't visited the Augusta Street Ministries web site should drop by and view some of the photographs of this homeless ministry in action.

Regular visitors to the bulletin board will have noticed that I've been putting extra effort into posting a wider variety of graphics. Your participation in the bulletin board is an important part of our fellowship, and if you dropped in regularly you might find some graphics to grab. That's worth a visit to the bbs, isn't it?

And you can never be sure what you'll find on the bulletin board. A while back I posted an inspirational message to the ordained clergy of our church. Well, Rev. Harry A. Smith formatted the message and placed it on the web, and you can view it by clicking here. Rev. Harry says he even printed it up and posted it in his office. If you missed it on the bulletin board, be sure and view it here.

Well, while traffic to the church remains pretty steady, we have had a real dropoff in new memberships. This seems to be normal for this time of year, but I'd like to encourage all members and especially ministers of our church who maintain web sites to be sure and post a link to our church. There are several graphics available if you prefer a graphic link to a text link, but either one would be a blessing.

I would like to request the prayers of all our church members for the folks living in the state of Florida here in the United States. The state is being ravaged by wild fire, and thousands of families have had to flee their homes. Keep especially in your prayers the members of our own church who live in that area. May Our Lord bring rain soon to this area to help put out these dangerous and diastrous fires.

Again, I'd like to remind everyone that the church weekly fellowship chat session and worship service is in the church chat room from 8 PM to 10 PM Eastern on Mondays. Come and share testimony, fellowship and ministry tips and news with your fellow church members.

You all remain in my prayers at all times. Please continue to pray for this ministry and all members of this church, as many are struggling through trials, hardships and illness. Thank you, and God bless you.

Yours in Christ,
Brother Dave

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