Newsletter For September 1, 1997

Hi Everybody!

Let me start our newsletter by letting everyone know about a new page on our site which offers several banners and graphics for use by members of our church. The graphic on the right is one of them. There are several others available, and you can use them on your website or in your e-mail, or whatever. You can access them through the link on our front page to FICOTW WebStuff . You'll find complete instructions on adding these to your website. You can even link them back to our church, like this one:

These are all the work of Rev.Dr. Lance Micklus, who has been working very hard on several projects for our church. A big THANK YOU to Rev. Lance for all his work!

Our Own Award

I am also very pleased to announce that our church now has an award available for Christian websites. It's the First International Church Of The Web Internet Evangelism Award, and here's what it looks like:

If you have a Christian website, and would like to apply for the award, just click on the award above and it will take you directly to our Award Application page.

Outreach Ministry Page

Our ordained clergy will be especially interested in another page newly added to our site, The Outreach Ministry Page. Written and donated by Rev. Lance, (Hey, I said he'd been busy, didn't I?), this page is loaded with information about having a marriage ministry, and even includes detailed instructions on performing several different types of marriage ceremonies. You'll find links to it on our front page, the Clergy Resouce Page, and the Online Ordination FAQ page.

French Language Mirror Site

In keeping with the international nature of our church, I'm happy to announce we've added a French language mirror site to our website. This is a slightly scaled down version of our home page, in French. I hope to soon add Spanish and German versions of our home page, as well, and then start work on translating the other pages of our website into these languages. It's quite a task, so this is going to take a while.

Time Zone Information Page

Since our membership spans the globe, and we're all in many different time zones, I've added a Time Zone Information Page to our website. This will help those who wish to attend our chat sessions and other functions to see how their own time zone is in relation to Eastern time, which is the zone I'm in, and according to which I announce scheduled events. If your time zone isn't represented on this page, let me know, and I'll add it.


Well, that's going to do it for this version of the newsletter. As you can see, many new and exciting things continue to happen for our church. If you haven't dropped by the website lately, be sure and visit and see all the recent changes. And if you haven't been to our weekly Fellowship Chat Sessions, why not give it a try? We'd love to see you there and share fellowship with you. And no matter where you're at, or which time zone you're in, you can always visit our Bulletin Board and take part in the discussions going on there. Remember, our membership IS our church, and we need you to make it complete.

As always, you remain in my prayers at all times. May the spirit of Our Lord fill your heart with peace and joy.

Your's in Christ,
Brother Dave

The First International Church Of The Web

Award graphic designed and donated by Rev. Dr. Lance Micklus, Associate Pastor, The First International Church Of The Web.

© 1997