Test For Paul's Message To The People Of Corinth Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. Paul of Tarsus traveled to _______________ to spread the word of God and the works of Jesus Christ.

2. Pagan _______________, ____________________, and a vast array of gods and goddesses were the focus of worship for the citizens of _______________.

3. The _______________ population of Corinth rejected Paul's teachings, so the apostle turned his efforts to the ____________________.

4. Members of the Corinth Church tended to be loyal to the ____________________ and ____________________ of the message of Christ rather than the _______________ itself.

5. Paul's counsel to the members was to remain ___________________ if you wish, but because of temptations to immorality, ____________________ is a good solution. If either husbands or wives were married to non Christians , they should remain married and assist their spouse in the ____________________ to becoming Christians.

6. Paul lamented to the misuse of the _______________ _______________ by the church of Corinth.

7. Paul's explanations of Gods _______________ for men to perform, statements of Christian _______________, the ____________________ of man to God and God to man, plus a variety of other topics are repeated and presented from somewhat different _______________ of _______________ in the hope that the Corinthian church members would better understand the totality of being a ___________________.

8. The ____________________ _______________, the _______________ and the ____________________ all reap rich benefits from true Christian giving.

9. Paul's final closing of his letter in II Corinthians states his philosophy and direction to the church members in simple, yet profound language: be _______________, _______________ in Christ, pay ____________________ to what I have said, live in _______________ and _______________, may the God of _______________ and peace be with you, may the _______________ of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, may Gods love and the Holy Spirit's ____________________ be yours.