Test For Personal Missions Statement Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. Each and every Christian should have in their walk with the Lord a ____________________________ __________________________ statement.

2. Go where the _______________________ are.

3. It is good for us to keep in mind that God does not need our help in protecting His _____________________. He does charge us, however, to love our _________________________ as ourselves.

4. God expects us as Christians to respect the ___________________________________ that has been placed over and around us.

5. People in leadership have a great ______________________________ and they are ________________________________ to God.

6. In service to leadership of the church and community two things go hand in hand: __________________________ and ______________________________.

7. As Christians we are responsible with how we conduct ourselves in terms of our _______________________________.

8. This vast world we live in is our missions field and each and every Christian is a _________________________________.

9. Each and every evangelical Christian has a missions field right outside their door and it take a heart of _________________________, _____________________________, __________________________, _______________________________________, __________________________________, ___________________________________, _____________________________, _______________________________ and _________________________________ formed out of love to see the opportunities that lie there for us.