Test For Prayer As Therapy Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. Many authors and experts claim that the ____________________________ of American culture are changing so rapidly that families and individuals are having difficulty ______________________________.

2. One of the first places that a troubled person might turn for help is to a _____________________________.

3. Many of the leading professionals in the mental health field are now recognizing that the family minister is a valuable resource for _______________________________.

4. One of the most effective yet basic helping tools to come from the area of religion and which is usually ignored by the secular helping professional, is __________________________.

5. A proper Biblical _____________________________________ of the nature of prayer and a proper ________________________________ of it in human experience has dramatic practical results.

6. A proper Biblical understanding and application of the _________________________ of prayer as Prayer ___________________________ can be tremendously helpful in counseling troubled people.

7. The troubled person is out of ______________________, out of ____________________________.

8. Prayer must be practiced in ____________________________.

9. _______________________ is the healing power.

10. Prayer must become a __________________________ ___________________ of your life.

11. Cultivate a desire to have a relationship with the Lord Jesus that is ____________________ and _____________________________.

12. Make prayer an act of __________________________.

13. True prayer means _____________________________ ourselves under the compulsion of the Highest, not in dreary resignation but in _____________________ and ___________________.

14. Take upon yourself the cloak of a _____________________________ attitude at all times.

15. The act of ________________________________ that for which we have just prayed is vital to the process of prayer and hence healing.

16. The four stages of Prayer Therapy: _____________________ prayer, ___________________________ prayer, ______________________________ prayer, and _________________________ prayer.