Test For Recovery Ministry Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. The church as an overall picture reacts judgmentally towards those that _______________________, _____________________ or ______________________. The overreaction by church leadership and the extremely harsh messages from the pulpit create an environment in which people in the pews fear _______________________. This can lead to ____________________, __________________________ and ____________________________.

2. That people fall, fail and falter is a true __________________ of ______________________.

3. At this moment of ____________________________, ________________________ or _________________________ derailment, they need to know that the church is a safe place, willing, able and trained to handle the _____________________ that has consumed them.

4. The best of the best offerings of the church has been the _____________________________ ministry. It separates the function of __________________________ and the regular church program.

5. The focus needs to be on the hurting _______________________ of people.

6. The whole counsel of God includes His message of _______________________________________ and ____________________.

7. The Bible is full of the stories and verses that teach us to bear each other’s ______________________.

8. Recovery ministry needs to be run by people with an absolute ________________________ for it. More to the point, we need “__________________________ healers”.

9. The true goal of recovery is to bring the individual to the point of _________________________________ in the mainstream church body.

10. Each and every individual has unique _______________________ to their lives.

11. people were not __________________ in bunches, they do not have problems in bunches and more important, they will not get _______________________ in bunches.

12. Recovery gives us the opportunity to meet people one-on-one and provide the individual __________________________ and ____________________________ they need.

13. Groups commonly referred to as “________________________________” groups are led by a trained facilitator and promote honesty and accountability.