Test For Repentance: Turning Away, Turning To God Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. Repentance is a requirement for ________________. It is the ____________________ of sin.

2. The Greek word for repentance is ______________________ and means a 'change of ________________' or 'change of _________________________'.

3. Repentance not only implies _____________________, _________________ or ______________________________ but also a more positive and fundamental aspect, that of turning our whole _____________________ and ________________ towards God.

4. The steps to repentance are threefold: _________________________ of our sins, ____________________ of our sins to God and ______________________ ____________ from our sins.

5. The penalty for sin is _________________.

6. Asking the Lord's forgiveness is essential to _____________________ and _______________________.

7. When we sin, we grieve teh __________________ _____________________.

8. There is sin of _______________________ , _________________ and ________________. We should also be mindful that sin arises not only from our actions but also ___________________________, not only what we have done but also what we have left ___________________.

9. Our daily prayers should always include _____________________ to Almighty God of our sins.

10. To be truly free from sin requires total _______________________ to God.

11. In loving God more than ourselves, we will keep his _________________________________.

12. If we truly love God and our neighbor, we will be ever mindful not to offend and _____________________________ and ________________________ when we do.