Test For Role Of The Prophet In The New Testament Church Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. A careful examination of the scriptures indicates that the office of _______________ is alive and well in the body of Christ today.

2. The Hebrew word for Prophet is the word _______________ from a root meaning "to ____________ ____________, as from a _______________," hence "to ____________".

3. Simply put a prophet is "one who _______________ for God".

4. Both _______________ and _______________ were Prophets and as such were __________________ to speak what God spoke.

5. The entire Word of God is a _______________ work since it was written by men who _______________ its content from God.

6. In general the greatest role of the Prophet was in the __________________ of the church( or nation of Israel) and the proclamation of _______________ _______________ which are connected to the _______________ of God, and the foundation of His __________________ in the church.

7. The role of the Prophet is essentially unchanged from its _______________ and _______________ in the Old Testament.

8. If we carry over from Old Testament to New Testament, the role of the Prophet is : a.) to _______________ for God, and b.) to _______________ and _______________ the body of Christ.

9. When a Prophet speaks in an open congregation his words are to be _______________.

10. There must be distinction made between one who speaks out under the unction of the _______________ of _______________ and one who is a Prophet.

11. Prophets are also in control of their gifts and are able to _______________ decently and in order.

12. The office of Prophet and the gift of prophecy are not exclusive to ____________.

13. The New Testament Prophet is also used to tell individuals of _______________ _______________ and to __________________ those persons or individuals with regard to those _______________.

14. Prophets operate primarily in the __________________ gifts. They are maintainers of _______________ in themselves and the Body at large. The Prophet's office is as __________________ today as it was in the days of Elijah or Jeremiah.