Test For Sacred Vs. Secular Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. Prior to the Renaissance, the Church provided ____________, ____________, ____________, _______________, _______________, and _______________ _______________.

2. During the Renaissance, society became less and less dependent on the Church for the ____________ of the people.

3. Against the proven "rules" of scientific scholars, ____________, ____________ and the ____________ had to begin defending their beliefs and values.

4. The author of this lesson identifies three false gods of the secular world. They are the ____________ god, the ____________, and the ____________ god.

5. We have forgotten that __________ will provide for us.

6. God is before us in __________________, _______________, yet we do not see for we are blinded by our own __________ - ___________________.

7. We as _______________, we the _______________, we the _______________, need to focus our lives more on the way ____________ wanted us to live. We need to ____________ each other, we need to ____________ with each other and we need to ____________ and ____________ together to build greater religious and faithful communities devoted to serving God by serving ____________.

8. We need to let God __________ us.

9. We must live by Gods __________________.

10. Today, more than ever, the Gospel message and "__________________ _______________" must align and be the same.

11. We must continue to be the disciples of Christ, carrying the message to others __________________ and _______________ we can.

12. We must be the ____________, the ____________ and ____________ of God, working daily to spread the Word.

13. Devotion to _______________ and _______________ must become our daily reading.

14. We must continue as our ancestors did, living by the ____________ and believing in our ____________ each and every day, making it the ____________ of our ____________ as they did.

15. God has given each and every one of us unique and special ____________. They are to be ____________.

16. We must live as God commands, to ____________ one another, to live by Gods' ____________________ and to trust in Gods' ____________.