Test ForSanctification Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. Sanctification means to ____________________, to ___________________ from the world, to be set apart from __________, to live in the _______________, living in the word living by _______________.

2. Only through sanctification can we achieve an ____________________ ____________________ with God.

3. The author Luke writes of Jesus' _______________ ____________________ to Paul in the book of __________.

4. In the book of Romans Paul writes of sanctification by the __________ _______________.

5. Romans 15:16 says, "To be a _______________ of Christ Jesus to the ____________________ with the priestly duty of ____________________ the _______________ of God so that the Gentiles might become an _______________ acceptable to God sanctified by the Holy Spirit.

6. Paul needed to _______________ the followers of Christ Jesus, so in his salutation he identifies and encourages the _____________________ following of Jesus.

7. Paul reminds the people of Corinth of where they were and that they were separated from ____________________ and _______________ __________.

8. God uses a myriad of means to sanctify us. All we have to do is __________, __________, and __________.

9. Because the husband or wife in a marriage is a believer, he/she may have a _______________ _______________ so that the spouse is led to accept Christ.

10. Paul was forced by persecution to leave ____________________. When Paul learned about their present circumstances from _______________, he wrote this letter to express his joy in their steadfast _______________ and _____________________ in the midst of ____________________. To provide them further ____________________ in holiness and _______________ _______________, and to clarify certain _______________, especially concerning the status of believers who die before Christ's return.

11. Paul wrote of God's will and avoidance of sexual _____________________.

12. Hebrews was written primarily to Jewish Christians who were undergoing ____________________ and ____________________. The writer strives to strengthen their faith in Christ by carefully explaining the superiority and finality of God's ____________________ and ____________________ in Jesus Christ.

13. It is God's will that we be _______________. This can be accomplished through our faith in the _______________ of Christ Jesus.