Test For Saved To Save Others Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. Jesus fed the multitude because he had ____________________ on them.

2. Anything that passes through the _______________ of Jesus never remains the same.

3. No contribution is too _______________ for Jesus to use.

4. Any amount of time with Jesus is time _______________ _______________.

5. The lad gave all that was asked of him and he became a ____________________ to thousands. ____________________ brings blessing.

6. Our life fully _____________________ to Jesus will make us effective and able servants, ____________________ the work of the Lord rather than enduring it.

7. God used the five loaves and the two lifeless fishes to save the ____________________ and save the _______________. In the same sense we can say when the lad was ____________________ Jesus used him to _______________ men unto himself.

8. You are _______________ to _______________ others.

9. When we learn to give _______________ for what we have, ____________________ may occur.

10. Any ____________________ we bring to Him Jesus is able to provide a ____________________.

11. We are to _______________ the unbeliever to Christ as we _______________ them the Word of God.

12. As long as we are alive in Christ we are ____________________ to _______________ the gospel to all creatures.

13. Our ____________________ of the gospel will not be in vain. The Word of the Lord _______________ gets lost.