Test For Preparing Your First Sermon Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. Your initial preparation should start a full ____________ before you are to deliver your first sermon.

2. Initial preparation includes choosing the __________________ you're going to speak on, doing your initial __________________, and making your first _______________.

3. You should choose for the topic for your first sermon a particular passage of the bible that you're already very ____________________ with, using a good __________________ _______________, ____________________ or ______________________ for additional references.

4. Write down the _______________ you wish to make with your sermon and the ______________________ you're planning to draw at the end of your sermon.

5. Give the wonderful creative instrument God gave you, your _______________, time to nurture your sermon and bring it to fruition.

6. To refine your sermon, go back to your original notes and __________________ them. ___________________ the main passage and related verses.

7. Your sermon should be divided up into three or four sections, for instance, ____________, __________________, ____________, ____________________ or ______________________. You should know what you want to ____________ during each of these areas of your sermon.

8. To practice actually delivering your sermon, use a _______________ or other _______________.

9. Make the adjustments necessary to insure your sermon is the proper __________________ for your speaking engagement.

10. Practice your sermon in front of a _______________, where you can study your own __________________. Notice how you _______________ when you're speaking. Notice any __________________ you use as you deliver your message. Make any adjustments you need to insure you are neither too "_______________" in your delivery, nor too "_______________". Experiment with varying degrees of __________________ and __________________.

11. Be sure you're completely ____________________ with the Bible you are using. You should find the version that is best for you for use while __________________ before an audience.

12. Practice delivering your sermon before a small ____________________.

13. You may find that you'll be more __________________ and ____________ - __________________ before those to whom you are very close, than you'll be before a much larger group of people to whom you're not so close.

14. Don't be distracted by __________________.

15. It's natural to be __________________.

16. This is what you have been preparing yourself for from the moment the Holy Spirit ____________________ you and __________________ you into Our Lord's ministry!

17. Before you actually deliver your sermon, take a few moments for earnest _______________ to Our Lord. Remember, __________ is what this is all about, not you. _______________ Him for bringing you this far, and _______________ in Him for everything.

18. Each sermon you prepare represents to you a great __________________. You should carefully _______________ and _______________ all of your notes for each sermon you prepare.

19. Going back to an old sermon can be like running into an old _______________.