Test For Help For The Struggling Teenager Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. Achieving a sense of ______________________________ is the major developmental task of teenagers.

2. According to Erikson, having an ______________________ - knowing who you are - gives adolescents a sense of ___________________________ that allows them to navigate through the rest of life.

3. Four fundamental views of the self are the __________________________________ self, the ________________________________ self, the ____________________________ self, and the ___________________________ self.

4. Adolescents’ ___________________________ have significant impact on identity and formation.

5. Adolescents try to establish themselves as individuals through _________________________. They seek out behavior or possessions that readily ____________________________.

6. Adolescents have a strong desire to be like _____________________. The more _______________________ they appear to be, the more ______________________________ they receive and the closer they get to feeling that they have achieved identity.

7. _______________________________ results from a desire to be unique while still maintaining the security of sameness.

8. Essential to identity formation is the _______________________________ of one’s self-image by other people’s opinions.

9. Especially in their early years, adolescents will often over-identify with famous people to the point of apparent ________________ of their own ____________________________________.

10. Teens strengthen themselves through ruthless ____________________________ and persistent _______________________________.

11. Erikson sees the cliquishness of adolescents and its intolerance of difference as a __________________________ against identity confusion.

12. While the difficulties that occur in adolescence are due in part to a lack experience, at least five common experiences may exacerbate or create significant struggles: _________________________________, _______________________________, _________________________, ____________________________, and __________________________ changes.

13. Contrary to popular opinion, adolescents are genuinely interested in __________________________ and feel that it plays an important role in their lives.

14. Three common ways young people contend with their struggles are to _____________________ them in, _______________________ them out, or __________________________ them through.

15. Perhaps the most common form of hiding one’s struggles is through _____________________________ - pushing thoughts, feelings impulses, desires, or memories out of the mind.

16. Adolescents who hide their struggles and the ones who act them out have at least one characteristic in common - both are avoiding ________________________________________.