Test For Living A Successful Christian Life Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1). Each and everyone of us has a personal _____________________. Simply, put , it is our personal beliefs about _____________ and the Christian ___________________.

2). Through Scripture we are commanded and exhorted in these last days to ________________________, ________________________________ and _____________________________ the Christian faith and its doctrines, or teachings.

3). Jude explains that there are ____________________ things we must do to be _________________________ Christians in these last days.

4). First, we need to continuously build our ____________________________ and _______________________________ of Godís Word.

5). Jude states that we need to continuously __________________ in the ___________________.

6). We need to keep ourselves in the _____________________ of God.

7). We should be continuously living in the _______________________________ of Christís imminent ______________________.

8). If we ___________________________ and ____________________ that Christ could return at this very moment, it impacts the way we ____________________ and __________________________ Him.

9). We need to continuously _____________________ our ____________________ with the lost.

10). The ultimate ___________________ of Christians should be to share the life changing message of __________________________ through Jesus Christ with unbelievers.

11). Defend the _____________________, but defend it in a spirit of ______________________.

12). Christians should not allow their _________________________ distinctives and/or differences to hinder love for and _________________________ with other members of the body of Christ.