Test For Trauma Chaplaincy Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. A "___________________ Chaplain," is one who deals with death, rape, marital problems, accidents, fire, and much more.

2. Trauma Chaplaincy programs can show the __________________, __________________________, and _______________________ of your ministry.

3. The Chaplain, in essence, seeks to help people in _________________ more than others.

4. A Chaplains program is a great way to reach out to a special group of people who normally are not touched by the local ______________________.

5. The Chaplain has an opportunity to share the Word in a rare manner... by _________________, __________________________, even just _________________________.

6. If your ministry is going to have multiple chaplain programs, you must be willing to _____________________ and share __________________________ with leadership positions, as one cannot do it all alone. ___________________ certain chaplains to specific areas of _________________________.

7. The main objective of the chaplain is to provide _______________________ and __________________________ support and guidance for personnel and their families.

8. Each trauma situation will have different areas of _________________________, depending on the __________________________ involved.

9. It is vital that the chaplain remain ______________________ and ___________________________.

10. A chaplain should always stay _________________ and should offer ________________________ such as prayer.

11. Try to be available at ____________ ___________________.

12. Trauma hits everyone in a different _______________________.

13. Be _____________________________, ________________________, walk and talk what you preach.

14. By setting good ________________________ and adhering to them, a small or large ministry both can be enhanced with a good Chaplains Program.