Test For The Three Vital Ministries Of The Average Christian Lesson
Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. Every Christian should be involved in some form of ____________________.

2. Much of the work of the church has been done, and should be done, by what are called ____________________ ministers.

3. Our prayers and the prayers of others for us, give us ____________________ and ____________________ for other ministries.

4. It is important for all of us to pray and not just for our ____________________.

5. There are no "____________________" words for prayer. Think of prayer as a ____________________ with Jesus.

6. Fellowship is the act of ____________________ together.

7. Coming together reminds us we are not ____________________ in our faith.

8. The Christian faith is not a "____________________ sport." Christ intends for us to ____________________ not only in our own spiritual development but that of ____________________.

9. The example they show the world is perhaps the greatest opportunity the average Christian will have to share the ____________________ of being a Christian.

10. How you handle the ____________________ and ____________________ of daily life directly reflect on both you and your faith.

11. Even people of other ____________________ will respect you more when you set a true Christian example in your daily dealings.

12. Ministry is about ____________________ to our Lord, and to each ____________________.